Lights go out at the Super Bowl

Lights go out at the Super Bowl
February 3, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Mark Strotman

Shortly after Beyonce's stunning halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII, the Superdome was literally shut down for 33 minutes after a power outage stopped play. Players, coaches and fans were reduced to standing around and staying loose while NFL officials and Superdome personnel raced around the stadium and field attempting to fix the problem.

Colin Kaepernick was sacked by Baltimore's Arthur Jones on the 49ers first possession of the second half -- Jacoby Jones had returned a kickoff 108 yards for a score to open the second half -- when half the lights in the Dome went out and CBS' Jim Nantz and Phil Simms' microphones were cut off. Sideline reporters Steve Tasker and Solomon Wilcots were forced into action, keeping millions of viewers updated on the situation about when the game would resume.

About five minutes after the outage lights began coming on, though it was around 20 minutes until all of them were powered back up and the teams -- who were both allowed warm-up time after -- got back on the field.

At the time the Ravens led 28-6, but after play resumed the 49ers took back lost momentum and brought the game within two points, 31-29. Currently the Ravens lead 34-29 in the fourth quarter.

During the game CBS issued a statement regarding the power outage:

“Immediately after the power failure in the Superdome, we lost numerous cameras and some audio powered by sources in the Superdome. We utilized CBS’s back-up power and at no time did we leave the air. During the interruption, CBS Sports’ Steve Tasker, Solomon Wilcots and our studio team reported on the situation as a breaking news story, providing updates and reports while full power was being restored to the dome including our sets and broadcast booth. All commercial commitments during the broadcast are being honored.”