Miller: Can the Bears trust Brandon Marshall?


Miller: Can the Bears trust Brandon Marshall?

Trust me, as a former player it's hard writing an article defending new Bears'No. 1wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Everybody trusts the talent, but do you trust the individual? Do you want Marshalls abbreviated or elongated wrap sheet?Ill surmise: He was arrestedsix times, admitted mental disorder (borderline personality disorder) and was subsequently accused of battery coinciding atrade to the Bears via the Miami Dolphins.Whats not to love? Marshall seems like a great guy. Can the Bears Trust Him?Its always dicey making deals with the devil but Im sure one Bear stuck his neck out to vouch for Marshall: It would be their starting quarterback Jay Cutler.Their history is well documented with the Broncos. Marshall averaged 92 receptionsper year and over 1,000 yardsper season when they played together. Its not happenstance those records occurred just because theyre both talented, but rather their relationship is much deeper.BondsWhen you get drafted together like Cutler (first round) and Marshall (fourth round) were in 2006 by the Broncos, bonds are created. They are created every year between all draft picks of every team. Draft picks decide amongst themselves who has the heart, passion, desire and skill required to achieve the task at hand. Earlier draft picks with higher investment have the edge, but all draft picks are trying to accomplish the same goal and dream, which is to make the team and play in the NFL. Speed DatingCutler and Marshall observed early on they were special. They excelled when other draft picks faltered. Talent was the common thread but they both recognized and respected their discussions about the desire to be great, working hard at their craft in order to be special in the NFL. Its just what winners do. Its called Backing it up."Is there a trusted Doctors diagnosis for this disease in modern medicine and is the desire to be great Illegal? Cutler has not been arrested like Marshall but he has been handcuffed in a parallel universe known as the Bears' pass game since his arrival. Prescribed medication maybe the key, but I think two guys who trust each other will live up to their bond as rookies.No meds needed. The Bears will be just fine when it comes to trusting Marshall. Just look at the facts. Marshall has to play nice due to the legalbattles. Hehas no wiggle room at all in 2012, considering how he arrived to the Bears.Sweat EquityCutler and Marshall have a ton of sweat equity together with the Broncos. Trust me, trust is not an issue.

Bears Talk Podcast: What should Bears do at quarterback?

Bears Talk Podcast: What should Bears do at quarterback?

On the latest edition of the Bears Talk Podcast, Chris Boden and John "Moon" Mullin discuss the Bears' quarterback situation.

The guys discuss the pitfalls of trading for a veteran, backup QB while also looking at some of the college players the team could be interested in.

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Finally, Devin Hester is contemplating retirement. Is he worthy of the NFL Hall of Fame?

Listen to the Bears Talk Podcast below.

Reports: Dolphins assistant Jeremiah Washburn to be Bears' new O-line coach

Reports: Dolphins assistant Jeremiah Washburn to be Bears' new O-line coach

The Bears have reportedly found a new offensive line coach.

According to multiple reports Monday, Jeremiah Washburn will become the team's new offensive line coach, replacing Dave Magazu.

Washburn worked as an assistant offensive line coach this past season with the Miami Dolphins under Adam Gase, the Bears' former offensive coordinator.

Prior to his season in South Florida, he spent seven seasons with the Detroit Lions, working three of them as the team's offensive line coach after three as an assistant offensive line coach.

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This past season, the Bears ranked 17th in the NFL in rushing with 1,735 yards as a team. Only eight teams allowed fewer sacks than the Bears, who saw quarterbacks dropped by opposing defenses just 28 times. Bears quarterbacks were hit 73 teams, also a top-10 mark in the league.

The Bears also committed a good number of holding penalties, 1.68 per game, which was only bested by seven teams.

Magazu was a longtime member of John Fox's staffs in Chicago, Denver and Carolina.