NFL Draft: Are any there any elite WRs?

NFL Draft: Are any there any elite WRs?
April 17, 2012, 6:29 pm
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Justin Blackmon? Michael Floyd? Kendall Wright? Best receiver in the draft? Or does that really even matter?

Where players rank in evaluators minds will affect where theyre drafted. But the best player in any given draft class is not automatically ticketed for elite status in the NFL or anything close to that.

Its one thing to put these guys in line with the draft, ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay said Tuesday. But what are they compared to guys in the NFL? Where do we think hes going to be two, three years down the road?

Is he going to be an A.J. Green, or an Andre Johnson, a Larry Fitzgerald or Calvin Johnson? I think the answer is no.

The key then is comparing a Blackmon not to other receivers in the draft, but whether he is going to give the same impact as a player at a different position who could be selected there.

So the Cleveland Browns at No. 4, for example, have a decision to make: Blackmon, the best receiver in the draft, or the top running back in the draft. And for McShay, its not a difficult call.

You have to make a decision of Blackmon vs. Trent Richardson and what he could provide. I think hes the best back to come out since Adrian Peterson...

Ive heard some people say they would take Floyd over Blackmon. I dont agree. I think Floyd shows a little more stiffness and while he makes some great catches, there are some drops on tape, so I dont think hes better than Blackmon that facet of the game.

Kendall Wright could drop a little but I still think he goes in the first round... Hes not a natural pass catcher and theres some questions why he ran those times (4.6 sec.) at the Combine.