Offense passes first 'test'

Offense passes first 'test'
April 18, 2013, 4:00 pm
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All things NFL usually look good in April, when the linemen are in shorts, no one is allowed more than cursory contact and, in this case, a new coaching staff is all about upbeat in both tempo and attitude.

But coach Marc Trestman gave his charges on offense something of a pop quiz on Thursday, the last day of the Bears’ first minicamp, and they appeared to pass, based on being allowed to go home early.

After avalanches of 100 and 75 plays installed the first two days, Trestman dropped in install rate down dramatically – 30 plays total – but required some accelerated learning.

“Even though we ran only about 30 plays today in practice or less, they didn’t know which plays were coming out until today, so they had to learn everything in the installation, knowing that each group was only going to get 10 reps,” Trestman explained. “The first [unit] got 10. The second got 10 and the thirds got 10. So they had to learn everything not knowing where it was coming today, and I thought they did a very good job.”

Defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was allowed to install several blitzes adding to the difficulty factor for the offense.

“I don’t think we had too many mistakes,” said tight end Martellus Bennett. “And Cutler did a great job of orchestrating the offense.”