Power outages, pregame shows & Bears' leading edge?

Power outages, pregame shows & Bears' leading edge?
February 6, 2013, 1:30 pm
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ProFootballTalk.com’s Mike Florio visited with WSCR-AM The Score 670’s “The McNeil & Spiegel Show” on Wednesday morning, and the fact that Bears' coaches and staff were declared off limits to the media during the week of the Senior Bowl last month came up in discussion.
The embargo raised some questions at the time. Mike repeated his thought that there may be some wish to avoid a lot of questions as to why the Bears would go with someone who not only had been out of the NFL for eight years, but also was never tabbed as a head coach even in his days as a “hot” coordinator with various NFL teams.
But there is another way to look at the hiring of Marc Trestman.
“This is a heck of an experiment and it opens up a new universe of potential head coaches if it works,” Mike told Matt Spiegel and Lawrence Holmes, sitting in the Dan McNeil. “There have been some CFL coaches in the past who’ve had success in the past – Marv Levy, Bud Grant – but it really hasn’t been recently a pipeline for the NFL.
“If it works out with Trestman, maybe it will be.”
The Pregame Shows
Spiegs brought up the less-than-stellar CBS studio show and brought up a solid point as to whether or not there needs to be a “re-jiggering” of those lineups. Part of the reason mentioned was how many viewers are going to shows based on interest in fantasy football.
Why this gets particularly topical is that out in the San Francisco area, where the 49ers will be getting into their new stadium presumably in 2014, CEO Jed York has laid out a strategy to incorporate exactly that kind of fan interest.
York said that the need is for teams to rethink the entire “scoreboard” concept, adding digital-access capabilities so that people in the seats can monitor things like the performances of their fantasy players as easily as they watch what’s on the field.
The problem with the pregame shows, Mike said, is “that a lot of the stuff you get in the pregame shows is available elsewhere…. If you want news, you can get the news on the Internet. If you want highlights, you can get highlights on the Internet.
“That’s the challenge that every producer of a studio show faces…. What do you do to add value, to attract fans to that pregame show?”
Don't expect the power outage to stop New Orleans
Mike posited that the 34-minute power outage during the second half of Super Bowl XLVII will not hurt New Orleans’ chances for ever hosting another Super Bowl.
“The NFL is not in the business of excluding cities from Super Bowl consideration,” he said. “The NFL wants to put more cities into the mix, because the more cities, the better the bids, the more competitive the bids, the more money the NFL makes.
“You’re not going to wipe out New Orleans for a 34-minute glitch.”
Mike threw out the example of Dallas, which is still sorting out the debacle of tickets and other problems surrounding Super Bowl XLV two years ago. Dallas hasn’t been excluded and, for that matter, neither has Chicago, although Commissioner Roger Goodell has not offered a lot of encouragement for a Chicago Super Bowl.