Randy Moss "greatest" ever? He still doesn't get it

Randy Moss "greatest" ever? He still doesn't get it
January 29, 2013, 1:45 pm
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Wide receiver Randy Moss livened up Media Day at the Super Bowl by declaring, “I do think I’m the greatest receiver ever to play this game.”
Josh Alper over at ProFootballTalk.com sides with Jerry Rice, who responded that someone should just put Moss’ numbers up against Rice’s. And Rice’s numbers do far overshadow Moss’.
But Josh’s quick assessment includes the real key go greatness, noting that few players could take over a game the way Moss could “when he was at his best.”
That’s what Moss never got and probably never will. He made no secret of his loafing if the play wasn’t coming his way or if frankly just wasn’t in the mood. There is an art to taking plays off – no one was better at it than Richard Dent, who used those plays situationally – and Moss did that when it suited him, not the team or the situation.
Diminishing Rice because of the Hall of Fame quarterbacks he played with – Joe Montana, Steve Young – introduces an interesting chicken-or-egg question. So, if the quarterback makes the receiver, then how to explain Jay Cutler constantly needing better tools? Rice had Montana; Montana also had Rice. Rice caught 92 passes from Rich Gannon with the 2002 Oakland Raiders, too, when Rice was 40 years old.
Moss didn’t play with the likes of Montana and Young outside of his superb seasons with Tom Brady in New England. But can anyone envision what Rice’s numbers would have been with his offenses working off a “Rice Ratio?”
But part of the concept of “greatest” meant doing it even when you’re not at your “best” and highlight-reel catches are only part of the overall.