Soldier Field Super Bowl would work, per mayor

Soldier Field Super Bowl would work, per mayor
May 31, 2012, 6:33 pm
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If Bears critics think its a longshot getting Chicago to a Super Bowl, what would the chances of getting a Super Bowl to Chicago be?

Armed with a reasonably trouble-free hosting of the recent NATO conference, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is making a play to bring a Super Bowl to Chicago, according to a report by longtime Sun-Times City Hall reporter Fran Spielman.

Anything is possible. This one would take some doing, however.

Soldier Field has been there in its revamped form since the 2003 season without getting much more consideration than the city of Chicago did for the 2016 Olympics.

Emanuel met with Roger Goodell during the NFL commissioners visit to Chicago on Thursday to present an award to Soldier Field for its environmental-friendly operations. Goodell didnt rule Chicago out, although Soldier Fields smallish (63,500) capacity makes it an unlikely selection without modifications.

The NFL isnt eliminating cold-weather venues without domes. New YorkNew Jersey will have the 2014 Super Bowl in that newly constructed stadium. Arizona has the 2015 game.

Minnesota and Detroit have had Super Bowls; so has Pontiac, Mich., giving the Lions two in their buildings. But those were domes.

One problem that Soldier Field will have is accommodating the crush of media from around the globe. Auxiliary seating is provided in cordoned-off sections in the stadium, but that doesnt work well if theres surly weather, and computers dont function well in severe cold. The Soldier Field press box is nowhere near the size of New Yorks, by comparison.