Vick stays in Philly, on Bears schedule, but beware the scheme

Vick stays in Philly, on Bears schedule, but beware the scheme
February 11, 2013, 2:15 pm
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Keeping an eye on NFL goings-on with significant Bears ramifications…
Word out of Philadelphia is that the Eagles have worked out a deal that keeps quarterback Michael Vick for at least another season. And they are playing the Bears for the fourth time in the five years.
Pals Reuben Frank and Danny Pommells out at have some solid inside info and perspectives as well as coverage of Chip Kelly’s press briefing on the whole transaction.
The Bears have never lost to a Vick-quarterbacked team, whether Falcon or Eagle. He fared better under Andy Reid (26, 24 points) than he did with Dan Reeves (3, 13, 3 points) although all five games were losses, whether to defenses of Dick Jauron or Lovie Smith.
But Smith is now gone and so is Reid, making this literally a new ball game, in more ways than one.
Kelly is one of only two new head coaches on the Bears’ 2013 schedule (plus Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland, also from the offensive side of the ball) and Chudzinski has brought in Norv Turner as his coordinator, meaning that only the Eagles and Washington Redskins, assuming a full recovery for Robert Griffin III, will confront the Bears with the kind of mobility/option-based scheme that Seattle and San Francisco operated to the Bears’ undoing.