"What do you think of the Bears' new head coach?"

"What do you think of the Bears' new head coach?"
January 28, 2013, 4:14 pm
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Not sure how many dozens of times Ive been asked that but heres the answer:

Lets talk in mid-October. Probably even later.

The overall is easy: Marc Trestman is eminently qualified to be the Bears head coach. Actually, Id argue that his credentials are such that he has been for quite a while. Comcast colleague and Sirius XM radio host Jim Miller noted that Trestman has been the victim of organizational timing on a couple of occasions. Jims point, and a good one, is that fortunes turned sour for teams for whom he was an assistant coach and instead of his becoming the hot guy in an offseason (Bruce Arians, Gus Bradley, Mike McCoy this offseason, for instance), he had some negative mud splashed on him by problems elsewhere on those teams.

The verdict on Trestman in fact will take longer than one season, just as it does with quite a few draft choices. As Ive chronicled previously, incoming Bears coaches usually win fewer games than their predecessors, so it will be no more accurate to completely evaluate Trestman by year one than it was Lovie Smith (5-11) or Mike Ditka (3-6).

And in the end, think holistically here: Trestman likely wont be an exponentially better or worse coach than the level of his players. Ditka remade the Bears culture but it was the 1983 and other drafts that made Ditka.

What Trestman does with Jay Cutler will be one thing; how he and Phil Emery mesh at evaluating what they have and whatwho they need, and then develop, will determine whether or not the Bears will be in a Super Bowl by year three (as Smith was) or four (like Ditka).