Dave Bolland retweets Bettman comment

Dave Bolland retweets Bettman comment
November 23, 2012, 10:05 pm
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Some players have made some ugly comments about the NHL brass lately, be it in print, on radio or on Twitter.
And on Friday, Blackhawks forward Dave Bolland retweeted an ugly comment, which is just as bad.
Jonah Deschamps (@jdeschamps6) sent this tweet out, regarding NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, earlier on Friday:
@jdeschamps6: @DaveBolland can I get a RT for wanting Bettman dead?
It was an ugly message, for sure. But whats worse is, Bolland did retweet it. It was another case of a player speaking, tweeting or in this case, retweeting without thinking. Theres been a lot of that lately, from former Blackhawks forward Kris Versteeg calling Bettman and NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly cancers to Jeff ONeills tweet of Bettman, stop talking to the media. I wanna make whole in your head.
ONeill soon took that tweet down, blaming it on a hacker. Not surprisingly, Bollands retweet was also deleted not long after it was posted. (Side note: as of now, the fan has not erased his ugly tweet).
Some players have realized the error of their ways once they have read and thought about what they have said or retweeted. Theyd save themselves a lot of trouble if they thought before sending out their messages.