Duncan Keith is far from satisfied

Duncan Keith is far from satisfied
May 9, 2012, 6:31 pm
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Duncan Keith has quite the impressive resume, one that any NHL player would pretty thrilled to have. But his Olympic gold metal, Stanley Cup victory, and Norris Trophy haven't been enough to make him feel as accomplished as he'd like.

"In my mind, you look at some of the guys who I look up to like Niklas Lidstrom: I've won one Stanley Cup and he's won four; I've got one Norris, he's won seven," Keith said.

"I haven't really done anything."

Keith immediately left for Europe to play the IIHF World Hockey Championship after the Blackhawks were eliminated from the postseason by the Phoenix Coyotes.

"The first reason I came here was to win," Keith said. "Having that would definitley be a nice feather in the cap."

Keith's go-getter attitude has led to the high number of minutes he's played in the first three games of the tournament, as well as with the Blackhawks. If his resume isn't already impressive enough by his standards, it's sounds like he'll be ready to put up one heck of a fight in the future for Chicago.