NHL partners unhappy with on-ice antics

NHL partners unhappy with on-ice antics
April 19, 2012, 5:28 pm
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NHL ratings have been through the roof during the postseason, but the reason for viewership isn't putting a smile on corporate America's face. The league's business partners have been rather upset about the fights, hits, fines, and suspensions being dealt constantly throughout each series.

NHL Chief Operating Officer John Collins has been bombarded by complaints about the unsportsmanlike conduct arising on the ice, as well as media coverage of the physical altercations.

"They're paying us a lot of money to associate with our brand," Collins said. "So when our brand is under attack in the press on issues as serious as player safety, they want to know that the league is on top of it, and has a plan for dealing with it and hear the league articulate it."

In the meantime, TSN, a Canadian broadcast company which features American teams, has seen a 56 percent increase in viewership since the start of the playoffs.