Roenick demonstrates where Torres went wrong

Roenick demonstrates where Torres went wrong
April 18, 2012, 3:47 pm
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It's been just over twelve hours since Raffi Torres' vicious hit on Marian Hossa, and all the hype and anger surrounding the brutal bashing hasn't calmed down one bit.

Former NHL star Jeremy Roenick joined the "Dan Patrick Show" Wednesday morning to offer his two cents on the aggressive hit and outlines exactly where Torres went wrong during the play.

"If Torres was gonna make that hit, he'd have to come in and come down low and push off toward the chest and not leave his feet," Roenick said. "As soon as he jumps... then you're getting contact to the head. Torres should have come out real close underneath and pushed up--not come from up, straight away."

In addition to the giant leap he took into Hossa head, Torres' elbow remains another topic of concern. When going in for a hit, a player's elbows have to stay by their side because initial contact with an opposing player has to be made with the shoulder.

Phoenix's left winger sure sent that elbow flying Tuesday night.

Torres is expected to face an in-person disciplinary hearing soon. Since he must be in attendance, he'll most likely be out at least six games.