Sharp picks (on) his teammates

Sharp picks (on) his teammates
May 26, 2012, 2:43 am
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Patrick Sharp was the latest player on the Blackhawks to fill out "The Questionnaire" on, where he picked his favorite video game, sport besides hockey, cats or dogs and several other personal items.

Some of Sharp's funniest answers came in the section titled "Pick (on) a teammate," where he identified one player on the team for some funny categories.

For instance, he gave up a little secret on how Brent Seabrook is so big by admitting he could win an eating competition. However, he also said Seabrook tells the worst jokes on the team.

Pressed to pick one teammate who "calls his mom every day," Sharp responded with Patrick Kane. And his pick for the "nerdiest" Hawk: Jonathan Toews.

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