Two sides playing 'proposal tag,' hope to meet tonight

Two sides playing 'proposal tag,' hope to meet tonight
January 2, 2013, 9:17 pm
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The NHL and NHLPA are in the thick of playing proposal tag. And after a quick afternoon meeting, tag: the NHL is it.
The two parties met briefly in New York on Wednesday afternoon, with the players association giving the league its latest proposal, NHLPA executive Donald Fehr told reporters there.
Fehr added that he hopes the two sides will resume talks later tonight.
After so many months of angst, barbs and lack of progress, it looks like both sides are finally delving into true negotiations. The league and NHLPA have traded proposals for the past three days.
Today was also when the NHLPA could file its disclaimer of interest to dissolve the union. Players voted nearly unanimously to give the PAs executive board the option to do so. Fehr didnt comment to reporters much on that, other than to say the players retain all their options. But if the two sides keep talking, keep making progress, that option may be put on hold.