Barkley questions legitimacy of NBA Lottery Draft

Barkley questions legitimacy of NBA Lottery Draft
April 13, 2012, 6:15 pm
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In typical Charles Barkley fashion, the basketball analyst surfaced a controversial opinion when he accused the the NBA lottery of possibly being rigged.

"I'm really concerned about the number one pick in the draft this year," Barkley said. "I'm going to be watching the draft lottery very closely because I don't want no shenanigans.

"I'm going to be very leery if Anthony Davis ends up in Brooklyn. You know, I'm going to be very leery because I know the NBA has a lot riding on that new arena, especially if Deron Williams leaves New Jersey. They didn't get Dwight Howard. I'm going to be very leery if New Jersey gets that number one pick."

Ever since the NBA Draft Lottery originated, fans have questioned its legitimacy. Following the 1989 season, the NBA created a weighted system to give a greater advantage to the lowest scoring teams. Despite the new system, the Orlando Magic were once again chosen to have the number one pick even though their statistics showed a low likelihood of that happening, raising accusations of David Stern and the league being behind it all.

You can bet that if Barkley further suspects anything concerning this year's draft, you'll hear about it.