Collins calls Sixers play "sensitive" and "fragile"

Collins calls Sixers play "sensitive" and "fragile"
April 9, 2012, 9:58 pm
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After a 20-9 start, owning the top spot in the Atlantic Division for a majority of the season and boasting one of the best defenses in the league, the Philadelphia 76ers are very close to missing the playoffs.

The currently seventh-seeded Sixers fell into a tie with the eighth-seeded New York Knicks after losing to Boston on Sunday and are just one game ahead of the Milwaukee Bucks, who sit ninth in the Eastern Conference.

As quoted by CSNPhilly's Dei Lynam, Sixers Coach Doug Collins has been unable to properly respond to his teams recent struggle because of their youth and sensitivity.

"The one thing about players today is that theyre very sensitive, and very fragile, Collins said before his teams game against the Boston Celtics on Easter Sunday. They didnt grow up with tough coaches. You know, I had my ass kicked since I was six. Its a different time, and so I treat this team very much with kid gloves. I really do, and Im still looked at as an ogre

Its terrible, I mean, its hard. It really is hard, he said. I honestly find myself during the games looking at the coach and asking, Was I alright with those guys during that timeout? Did I hurt anybodys feelings? Was I OK? Coach, youre fine, youre fine I said OK, OK, I just wanted to make sure I didnt hurt anybodys feelings. Thats the sensitivity, and the younger the guys, it seems like the more sensitive. And thats what youre wrestling with.

If Collins feels that way about his team, it doesnt make much sense to publicly make those feelings known as what started out as such a promising season in Philadelphia could be ending in the lottery.

Collins has a reputation for wearing on players after a while and with him voicing his frustrations with his roster while still competing for a playoff spot, it might be best if both parties part ways after the season.

With several high-profiled coaches looking for work and a promising core of young players that defend, Philadelphia is an intriguing destination and definitely a team on the rise.