Emotional ties strike a chord with Korver, Teague in Chicago


Emotional ties strike a chord with Korver, Teague in Chicago

The Atlanta Hawks participated in a shootaround at the United Center prior to the start of Monday night's game. But for Kyle Korver, the return to the Madhouse on Madison was about more than preparing for another matchup. It brought back a rush of all the memories he made in the Windy City the past two seasons.

"Amazing fans, it was packed here every night," Korver said as he looked up at the empty stands during the Hawks' practice. "The support you have here, it's unlike anywhere else. Putting on a Bulls uniform everyday was really cool, it's an awesome jersey to put on.

"We worked hard here, the two years I was here, our team put everything into it and so you have a lot of memories. It's not so much series or games, but all the little things. I spent two really good years here."

He hasn't been out of Chicago long, but within the last year, Korver's faced some pretty big changes.

"I've worn a coat twice this winter... yesterday and today," Korver said jokingly. "We've got a good team in Atlanta, a good coaching staff, everyone's been receptive. Started a family this year down in Atlanta, my wife and I had our first baby five weeks ago, so life has changed quite a bit in a year."

But Korver isn't the only one adjusting to new changes within his family. Teammate Jeff Teague is still getting used to playing against his brother, Marquis, in Chicago.

"I'm just happy for him, having this opportunity to do something that he loves to do," Teague said about his younger brother -- the Bulls' first-round pick in the 2012 draft. "But hopefully we can get a win tonight so I can have bragging rights."

The two brothers spent time together on Sunday, but when they both hit the court on Monday night, it's back to business. But that doesn't mean separating their personal and work lives is easy.

"It's tough, last game he got in the game and I had mixed emotions," the Hawks point guard said. "I wanted him to play well, but I wanted to win. So it's tough, but it's a job you have to do."

Bulls: Rajon Rondo calls incident with assistant coach 'part of the game'

Bulls: Rajon Rondo calls incident with assistant coach 'part of the game'

AUBURN HILLS, MICH—Rajon Rondo almost made it to the quarter mark of the season without incident, but his frustrations got the better of him in Dallas last weekend in a situation with Bulls assistant coach Jim Boylen.

He returned from his one-game suspension in a light mood, but didn’t take things lightly when addressing questions from the media after the Bulls’ 102-91 loss to Detroit.

Rondo admitted that he feels so strongly about things that he doesn’t let them go as easily as he should, which could have been the case with Boylen. Rondo threw a towel after an exchange with Boylen during the Bulls’ blowout loss to the Mavericks.

“That’s a good way to put it. Me as a player, a point guard, I have to handle a situation better,” Rondo said. “But when I feel a certain way, I’m gonna speak on it. My whole thing is always for the betterment of the team.

“If it comes off wrong or a certain way I’ll try to work on that. But for the most part I’m not a selfish individual, I try to do what’s best for the team, try to watch film with my teammates. That’s just part of the game, who I am.”

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When asked if he actually threw a towel at Boylen, Rondo quipped, “You gotta look at the film,” and tried to downplay the situation as best he could, noting the timing of the event in question.

He apologized to the coaching staff and his teammates and believes there won’t be lasting effects, although the Bulls are in the midst of a three-game losing streak.

“Hopefully it’ll be the last three-game losing streak,” Rondo said. “It’s about how you handle adversity. We usually handle it well as far as bouncing back.”

Calling the incident “part of the game,” Rondo didn’t want to address specifics but given his history of instances such as these in Boston, Dallas and Sacramento, this one makes it a little harder to shake the reputation of being difficult to deal with.

“I have a good relationship with my team and I take pride in being a great teammate,” Rondo said. “I think we’re still on the same page. When you lose, things get blown out of proportion. When you win, it covers everything up. So we have to get back to winning basketball.”

His teammates have been supportive both behind the scenes and publicly, and were happy to have him back despite not being able to quell the losing streak.

“It was good. That's our starting point guard. We need veteran guys on this team,” Bulls guard Dwyane Wade said. “We need our bodies. He's our leader today so when we got down early he was the one who kept talking to us defensively. He's so smart out there on the floor, takes certain things away, get out in open transition. The reason we got back in the game, he did a good job of leading us in those moments.”

Bulls Talk Podcast: Bulls Slide Continues After Loss In Detroit

Bulls Talk Podcast: Bulls Slide Continues After Loss In Detroit

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