Man finds Bulls championship rings

Man finds Bulls championship rings
April 24, 2012, 11:54 pm
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If you watch Storage Wars or Auction Hunters you would know that it's possible to spend a little cash on a storage unit and make a huge profit. Well, it looks like a South Side Chicago man may have done just that.

According to the Chicago Tribune, 38-year-old Chris Amer won a bid on a public storage locker that contained what looks to be two Bulls championship rings from 1996 and 1998.

"And then I found some Bulls 1996 and 1998 Championship rings in plastic casings and I called my partner and said you won't believe what I just found." Amer said.

One major problem is that the rings may just be replicas according to a statement released by the Bulls.

We havent seen the rings you referenced so cant comment on them, specifically; however, as a year-end gift after the Bulls 5th and 6th championships (1997 and 1998), we sent all season ticket holders a replica ring encased in Lucite. Approximately 6,000 of each ring were made to accommodate every account.

It appears that the locker may have belonged to a friend of former Cook County Board President John H. Stroger Jr. Amer found a golf bag with the name "Stroger" etched on it.