NBA Power Rankings: Parker, Spurs take over top spot

NBA Power Rankings: Parker, Spurs take over top spot
January 29, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Tony Andracki/Mark Strotman

Each Monday throughout the regular season, Mark Strotman and Tony Andracki will rank all 30 NBA teams. Below are Week 11 Power Rankings. Think we're way off? Agree with our picks? Hit us up on Twitter at @BullsTalkCSN with comments or criticisms.

 #  Tony    Mark  Comments
 Tony: Riding an 8-game winning streak to the No. 1 spot.
 Mark: Tim Duncan deserving of an All-Star spot is pretty revealing to how good the Spurs are.
 2    Tony: Hard to move them out of top spot, but needed to be done for one week.
 Mark: Very strong argument for them still being top team in the league.
 3    Tony: Can they make a run at No. 1 seed in West?
 Mark: Boston loss was bad, but they're starting to turn it up defensively.
 4    Tony: Still the class of the East, but four teams coming fast on their heels.
They need Chris Paul back, which could come soon this week.
 5    Tony: League's best defense carrying Grizz.
 Mark: Carmelo, LeBron, Durant, Paul in a four-way MVP race. Fun stuff, you guys.
 6    Tony: Felton's return a huge boon to Knicks.
 Mark: Tough not to love this team with so many talented wings.
 7    Tony: Pair of tough losses to close out the week.
 Mark: Grizzlies dodge a bullet with Conley's ankle injury.
 8    Tony: Were on an amazing stretch, before getting blown out in DC.
 Mark: Wouldn't want to face this group in the second round of a playoff series.
 9    Tony: Could Iguodala be showing signs of life on offensive end?
 Mark: Jimmy Buckets is the real deal.
 10    Tony: Looks like the coaching change was the right move...for now.
 Mark: Would have been nice to pick up a win over an Eastern Conference playoff team (CHI).
 11    Tony: Paul George is the next NBA superstar.
 Mark: Really flying under-the-radar for a playoff team that has won 7 of 10.
 12    Tony: Coming up fast and furious; Ilyasova's return to prominence doesn't hurt.
 Mark: So about that Roy Hibbert maximum contract......
 13    Tony: Under-the-radar squad that will give some team fits in playoffs.
 Mark: Jim Boylan has resurrected Ersan.
 14    Tony: Kyle Korver has been a phenomenal pickup (almost 3 treys a game).
 Mark: Tough one to lose on Sunday against Melo's nine 3-pointers.
 15    Tony: Is that Omer Asik making some noise again?
 Mark: Love seeing Kobe go for 28 assists the last two games.
 16    Tony: Nicolas Batum has become a trip-doub machine.
 Mark: Damian Lillard pretty much has the Rookie of the Year wrapped up before February.
 17    Tony: Rondo's injury a killer. Time for Bradley to step up.
 Mark: Harden can't touch the ball enough on offense.
 18    Tony: Can they build off momentum of two-game winning streak?
 Mark: The future is bright, but the present hasn't looked bad lately, either.
 19    Tony: Still think this is a talented squad that just has to find its legs again.
 Mark: Evan Turner 'turning' it back on. Awful pun by me. Let's keep moving.
 20    Tony: Remember when they won an NBA championship just two short years ago?
 Mark: Have to drop them this far after Rondo news. Despite Miami win, they can't compete.
 21    Tony: Believe it or not, they're just 4 games back of final playoff spot in East.
 Mark: Giving up 103.2 points per game isn't gonna get it done.
 22    Tony: This season was doomed when Love went down a second time.
 Mark: Thought Dirk's return would have this team competing for playoff spot. Nope.
 23    Tony: Have been a different team with health restored.
 Mark: Pekovic due back soon will be crucial for their frontcourt.
 24    Tony: What is going on with their point guard situation?
 Mark: Good to see Eric Gordon out there.
 25    Tony: Still think they trade Calderon before deadline.
 Mark: Agree with what Tony said, but I don't think it's the right move.
 26    Tony: Lead league with 19 road losses.
 Mark: John Wall has them looking respectable.
 27    Tony: Kyrie proving just how valuable he is to the team.
 Mark: Aggressive by me putting them at No. 30 last week.
 28    Tony: They're 6-4 since John Wall returned.
 Mark: Despite missing some time, Kyrie absolutely deserved his All-Star nod.
 29    Tony: Redick shaping up to be one of the top pieces available at trade deadline?
 Mark: Time to start looking to the draft.
 30    Tony: The whole sequence before Henderson's game-winner was just insane.
 Mark: Six-game losing streak, with losses to Charlotts, Detroit, Detroit and Toronto included.