Rose lands cover of GQ Magazine

Rose lands cover of GQ Magazine
April 17, 2012, 3:00 pm
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Chicago's greatest basketball star since the days of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen will be gracing news stands around the country. GQ Magazine is featuring Derrick Rose on its cover, bringing the Bulls' MVP into an even greater national spotlight throughout the month of May.

In his magazine spread, Rose answered questions from a wide range of topics, from being compared to Michael Jordan to what it's like having President Obama be his biggest fan.

Although Rose is living out his dream, serving as a role model to the city of Chicago, he tells GQ's Will Leitch he desires a life where he's not constantly under watch.

"Chicago isn't used to stardom. They still don't know how to act towards a celebrity, so I always have someone with me. I can have a hat on, glasses, whatever. People still notice me. If I go outside without a hat on, I feel like I'm naked. This lifestyle doesn't fit my personality."

But even though his lavish and high-profile lifestyle isn't exactly his taste, Rose is just as loyal to the city of Chicago as ever. When asked about LeBron James' decision to head to Miami, Rose reiterated that he knows right where his home is.

"I won't ever put myself in a bad position so that people can say bad things about me. I make smart decisions. I'm very mature for a 23 year old and I know that whatever I do can hurt someone."

Rose is joining other famous athletes who have graced the cover of GQ, including Muhammad Ali and another of Chicago's greatest athletic heroes, Michael Jordan.

Rose's edition will be released on April 24.