Slam dunk contest struggles to entertain

Slam dunk contest struggles to entertain
February 17, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Clank! There were nearly 40 missed dunks.

That was officially the last Sprite Slam Dunk Contest I'll watch. There hasn't been a bomb that bad on tv since "The Magic Hour." Seriously, 25 years after Michael vs Dominique that was the best they could give us?

The dunk contest used to be the highlight of the weekend. Kids used put up their nerf hoops and run outside in the cold to try and mirror the NBA's greats. I can see it now. "Look Dad, I'm Terrence Ross!" Then little Tommie runs up and throws the ball off the gutter, just like the champ. Six times!

That's right, there were twice as many MISSED dunks as successful dunks in this year's epic failure. The champion, Terrence Ross missed 6 dunks - while making only 4!

Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Kobe Bryant were all there...watching in street clothes.

I mean, without looking who can quickly tell me where Terrence Ross, Gerald Green, Kenneth Faried, Jeremy Evans played their college basketball. Better yet, who do they play for now? It's not their fault. They should be mixed with the NBA's biggest stars, not trying to entertain them.

The NBA isn't the only league that needs to rethink their All-Star presentation. Baseball is the most interesting, but not enough to give a team homefield advantage in the World Series. Did anybody miss the NHL's all-star game? Who set their DVR for the Pro Bowl?

It's time for something new.