MLB Power Rankings: Week 4

MLB Power Rankings: Week 4
April 29, 2013, 4:45 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings. Check out our rankings to date: Preseason | Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3

Rank JJ Tony Comment
1 Red Sox Rangers

JJ: David Ortiz through 8 games: .516/.521/.871, 2 HR, 11 RBI.

Tony: They've come on strong lately and have arguably best pitching staff in AL.

2 Rangers Braves

JJ: Darvish has been great, but solid contributions from Grimm/Tepesch are just as important.

Tony: They've really fallen back to Earth after hot start. Lost 4 straight to end week.
3 Braves Red Sox

JJ: Strikeouts (24.7 percent team rate) not hurting offense (107 wRC+).

Tony: League's hottest team, coming off 5 game win streak.
4 Cardinals Reds

JJ: Shelby Miller: 2.05 ERA, 3.19 FIP through 5 starts. Encouraging for the youngster.

Tony: Record isn't anything impressive, but Sean Marshall's return will be a boost.
5 Yankees Nationals

JJ: So far, reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerrated.

Tony: Disappointing start to the season, but will turn it around.
6 Reds A's

JJ: They'll put it all together soon enough, especially if/when Jay Bruce turns it on.

Tony: Lead Majors with 138 runs scored. Amazing.
7 Tigers Cardinals

JJ: Victor Martinez: .207/.283/.253. It's early, but that's concerning.

Tony: Solid -- but unspectacular -- team just keeps plugging along.
8 Diamondbacks Tigers

JJ: Liking Paul Goldschmidt so far: .305/.396/.526, 5 HR.

Tony: Need to improve play on the road (5-7 record) if they want to be legit WS contender.
9 Pirates Yankees

JJ: Is it too early to ask if they'll fall apart in July/August again?

Tony: They keep proving me wrong. Well deserving of Top 10 spot.
10 Royals Orioles

JJ: Shields, Santana, Davis all pitching well so far. If they keep it up, KC can definitely contend.

Tony: Man the AL East is good this year. No surprise if both WC teams come from division.
11 Orioles Diamondbacks

JJ: Have lost as many extra-inning games in April as they did in 2012 (2).

Tony: Is "gritty play" the new Moneyball? It is far.
12 A's Royals

JJ: Coco Crisp has 5 home runs and looks like an MVP candidate. It's also April.

Tony: Have allowed fewest runs in entire MLB.
13 Giants Pirates

JJ: Good news for them -- Lincecum's ERA down to 3.64, FIP right in line with that.

Tony: Only question is: Will they fade again in second half?
14  Dodgers Rays

JJ: Injury-riddled pitching staff quickly becoming baseball's version of Iowa's backfield.

Tony: Still struggling a little bit offensively, but are turning things around.
15 Nationals Giants

JJ: Bryce Harper might hit 40 homers, but need more offense than that.

Tony: Lost five straight to end week, causing a major dive in rankings.
16 Rays Dodgers

JJ: If Matt Moore can cut down on his walks, could challenge for Cy Young.

Tony: Carl Crawford is back and Kemp looks to be turning things up. Good signs.
17 Rockies Brewers

JJ: Gotta hand it to them, they've played well. Not sure it'll continue, though.

Tony: Have won 7 of 10, but still carry -5 run differential.
18 Brewers Blue Jays

JJ: Jean Segura: .349/.386/.470, 7 SB. Came to MIL in the Greinke deal last summer.

Tony: Surrendered MLB-high 130 runs. Can't win too many games with that.
19 Angels Phillies

JJ: Starting rotation a much bigger concern than Pujols/Hamilton.

Tony: Aging team may have just enough left to make a run this year.
20 Blue Jays Angels

JJ: Buehrle, Morrow, Johnson, Dickey all struggling -- and so is the offense.

Tony: Another season of high expectations, another slow start to the year.
21 Phillies Mets

JJ: Not sure Chooch can be the spark struggling offense needs.

Tony: Matt Harvey is phenomenal. Definite ace of the future.
22 Twins Rockies

JJ: Catching up with Eduardo Escobar: .438/.455/.625, 1 HR.

Tony: Still leading AL West, thanks in large part to spectacular 9-3 record at home.
23 Mets Twins

JJ: Ike Davis: .169/.261/.338. Could hit 30 HR, but worth it for that OBP?

Tony: After a month, they are 1 game above .500. Not too shabby.
24 White Sox White Sox

JJ: Injuries and a struggling offense putting the Sox in a hole early.

Tony: One of the worst teams in the league on the road (3-7). Needs to improve in a hurry.
25 Indians Mariners

JJ: They can hit, but can't pitch (4.57 ERA) -- kind of what we expected before the season.

Tony: Need to preach patience. Front office added a lot of hitters, need to wait for them to get settled.
26 Mariners  Indians

JJ: So that Montero-for-Pineda deal looks like a wash. Lots of talent, no production.

Tony: Seriously, what is going on with Ubaldo Jimenez?
27 Cubs Cubs

JJ: Playing Miami and San Diego in back-to-back series will beef up their record.

Tony: Coming off a four-win week and get Padres for a four-game set at home.
28 Padres Padres

JJ: Clayton Richard: 7.94 ERA, 6.94 FIP. Has walked more than he's struck out.

Tony: Jason Marquis (4.20) leading team in ERA. Huh.
29 Astros Astros

JJ: You gotta read this piece on Rick Ankiel by Joe Posnanski.

Tony: 5.51 team ERA. Ouch.
30 Marlins Marlins

JJ: If Loria's actually getting his hand in personnel decisions...yeesh.

Tony: Averaging just 2.68 runs per game. Gross.