Preseason MLB Power Rankings

Preseason MLB Power Rankings
March 30, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz

Every week during the MLB season,'s Tony Andracki and JJ Stankevitz will roll out updated power rankings -- starting next week, these'll come out every Monday. But with the season beginning tonight with Houston beating new division rival Texas, below are our preseason power rankings.

Rank JJ Tony Comment
1 Dodgers Nationals

JJ: When Greinke/Ramirez get healthy, look like a juggernaut. All that money won't go to waste.

Tony: Let's see what Harper can do in Year 2. No limit on Strasburg.

2 Tigers Reds

JJ: Best rotation in AL, adding Hunter/Martinez to lineup means another rough first half not likely.

Tony: Loving the Choo pickup, and think full year of Votto will make huge difference.
3 Angels Dodgers

JJ: Rotation has questions after Weaver/Wilson, but elite lineup could mitigate those.

Tony: A load of talent and money, but will it all mesh together?
4 Reds Tigers

JJ: No shame in Chapman (3.3 WAR in 2012) staying as a closer.

Tony: Can't count out AL Champions. Verlander/Miggy/Prince dynamic trio.
5 Nationals Angels

JJ: Year 2 of Harper should be fun to watch, along with Strasburg if he stays healthy.

Tony: Let's see what Trout can do in Year 2. Can Pujols slow decline?
6 Rangers Giants

JJ: Jurickson Profar won't start 2013 in the majors, because Elvis Andrus is that good.

Tony: Hard to rank defending champs this low, but so much rides on Posey's health.
7 Braves Rays

JJ: If Justin Upton hits like he did in 2009/2011, watch out.

Tony: Think they'll be just fine without Shields/Upton. Moore takes next big step.
8 Yankees Braves

JJ: Still can't count them out until they're actually out of it.

Tony: Still have the best bullpen in the game even with Venters hurt. Impossible to replace Chipper.
9 Rays Cardinals

JJ: Need Matt Moore, Desmond Jennings to take steps forward.

Tony: Need to keep Beltran/Holliday/Molina healthy.
10 Blue Jays Rangers

JJ: Despite huge offseason, not ready to put them ahead of perennial division winners just yet.

Tony: Losses on offense hurt, but still a very, very good team.
11 Giants Phillies

JJ: Lot of pitching questions after Cain/Bumgarner; may need to score more than in the past.

Tony: Think they're a playoff team no doubt. Veteran infield still has something left.
12 Red Sox Blue Jays

JJ: All-around solid team, despite poor finish last year. Watch out for Jackie Bradley Jr.

Tony: A lot of changes, but all good moves. Like what they've done.
13 Cardinals Red Sox

JJ: Having Shelby Miller step forward could be huge for rotation depth.

Tony: Fresh start, and I don't think they'll waste it.
14 A's Yankees

JJ: Plenty of young talent, but may not be enough to get past LAA/TEX.

Tony: Just so many injuries. Going to be hard to claw back from that.
15 Phillies A's

JJ: Does aging squad have one more run in them?

Tony: Still have the young pitching for another run.
16 White Sox White Sox

JJ: No glaring deficiencies, but can rotation/lineup hold up?

Tony: Season hinges on Sale. Will he stay healthy after huge jump in IP?
17 Indians Mariners

JJ: Great lineup, but a lot of questions about Masterson/Jimenez topping rotation.

Tony: Did their best to acquire offense, but was it enough?
18 Mariners Indians

JJ: Will moving fences in help lineup and/or hurt pitching?

Tony: Good additions, but don't think it will be enough in the end.
19 Diamondbacks Pirates

JJ: Like the rotation, not the emphasis on getting "gritty" position players.

Tony: Think they actually finish over .500 for first time in decades.
20 Mets Royals

JJ: Shame Santana's career is likely over. One of the best changeups of the last decade.

Tony: They have the pitching, and think Hosmer rebounds, but still not enough.
21 Orioles Diamondbacks

JJ: Tough to see success of 2012 continuing, even if Bundy is strong after inevitable call-up.

Tony: Trading Justin Upton will come back to haunt them.
22 Pirates Brewers

JJ: Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon could be aces, but maybe not until 2014.

Tony: If Ryan Braun can tune out the noise, they can still contend.
23 Padres Orioles

JJ: If they can pitch, sneaky-good lineup could surprise some people.

Tony: Think last year was a bit of a fluke, but ready to admit I'm wrong if not.
24 Royals Mets

JJ: Need more than Shields to pitch well to have a shot at contending.

Tony: They're basically cashing in hopes on this season, but still some talent.
25 Brewers Cubs

JJ: Don't bet on Lohse repeating last year's level of success (2.89 ERA).

Tony: The early injuries to Garza/Baker/Barney is a rough way to start.
26 Cubs Padres 

JJ: Injuries to Garza, Baker mute any chance of a Cinderella run before season starts.

Tony: There are some pieces there, but will fall short.
27 Rockies Rockies

JJ: MLB's worst pitching staff last year doesn't look much better this year.

Tony: Need pitching, pitching and more pitching. But at least Tulo's back.
28 Twins Twins

JJ: On the right track with rebuilding, still field a decent lineup.

Tony: Joe Mauer and that's about it right now.
29 Marlins Marlins

JJ: Miami taxpayers footing the bill for palatial stadium with terrible team playing in it.

Tony: Going to be a rough, rough year in Miami. Showtime should do another show on aftermath.
30 Astros Astros

JJ: Years away from contending, and not hiding it. Like what they've built so far, though.

Tony: Hey, they're off to a good start! Too bad they're not in NL Central anymore.