Everett Golson: 'I will be returning' to Notre Dame

Everett Golson: 'I will be returning' to Notre Dame
July 7, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Everett Golson spoke on-camera for the first time since his suspension from Notre Dame in late May, although he brushed off inquiries into the discipline that'll keep him off the field in 2013.

But the quarterback offered a declaration that piggybacks off his comments and those of his coach after the suspension was handed down, telling a Myrtle Beach TV station: "I will be returning. I look forward to returning in the spring. That's pretty much it."

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Golson was back in his hometown of Myrtle Beach, S.C. for a charity basketball tournament, and said he was hurt by the suspension, but has worked to get through it by surrounding himself with a close group of friends and family. It'd be a surprise if Golson did not return to Notre Dame after the school's fall semester wraps up at the end of 2013, something that's been clear since the initial wave of information hit on May 26.

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"I think he started, in my eyes, by accepting responsibility," coach Brian Kelly said in late May of Golson's process to return to Notre Dame. "And once you accept responsibility, in my eyes, and you follow through on what's asked of you relative to month after month, then that's all I need to see from Everett. And then it's back to work."

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Golson told WPDE he's continuing to stay focused on a return in 2014, and that he's working to put his suspension behind him.

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"I've been working out, keeping my head up," Golson said. "Having a little adversity of course. But I've learned you can't sit down and just take that, you gotta pick yourself back up and keep going forward and doing what you're doing, and everything is going to work itself out in the end. I've been keeping my head up, working out, trying to be back on the field."