It’s time to put the Manti Te’o story to bed

It’s time to put the Manti Te’o story to bed

Kelly talks NFL, Te'o

January 31, 2013, 4:45 pm
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There’s not much left to report about regarding Manti Te’o, Lennay Kekua, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo and the bizarre story that’s unfolded over the last few weeks.

We’ve heard from Te’o and Tuisasosopo. Notre Dame’s Jack Swarbrick and Brian Kelly have discussed the matter, as have Te’o’s relatives and ex-teammates. Those around the NFL have weighed in on how the saga could affect Te’o’s draft status. If there’s another stone to be overturned, it hasn’t been found yet.

Yes, plenty of questions remain regarding Te’o and the Kekua hoax story. But most, if not all, of those questions will go unanswered.

With the information that’s been presented over the last two weeks, it doesn’t appear as if Te’o was in on the hoax. He lied to his father and wasn’t entirely truthful with the media, but nothing that’s come out has shown sinister intentions from the ex-Notre Dame linebacker.

At this point, though, the story is no longer about Te’o. It’s not really about football, either. It’s about Tuiasosopo, and how someone could pull off this grand of a hoax -- one that just so happened to be at the expense of a star Notre Dame player.

There’s still another segment of Tuiasosopo’s interview with Dr. Phil to be aired Friday, but the perpetrator denied any involvement from Te’o in the hoax. Tuiasosopo confirmed Te’o’s side of the story, and with that, all the relevant parties of this saga have come out saying essentially the same thing.

So now, the focus will begin to switch back to football at Notre Dame. Signing day is Feb. 6, and spring practice begins about a month and a half after that. For those weary of Te’o, Kekua and Tuiasosopo, it’ll be a welcome change.