Adam Dunn will probably hit third

Adam Dunn will probably hit third
April 3, 2012, 6:21 pm
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While Robin Ventura wouldn't announce a lineup for Friday's opener, he did hint that Adam Dunn will probably hit third to begin the season.

Ventura told the Chicago Tribune he likes Dunn's on-base skills ahead of Paul Konerko, which is outstanding to hear. Yes, Dunn isn't fast, and having he and Konerko hit back-to-back may worry those fixated on first-to-third baseball, but the more opportunities Konerko gets with men on base, the more RBIs he'll get and the more runs the White Sox will score.

And at this point, the Sox don't have a better option to hit ahead of Konerko. The Trib article suggested Alex Rios, although his on-base skills pale in comparison to those of Dunn, even if both players rebound to their career averages.

The rest of Ventura's lineup is a mystery -- just like who will be named the closer. Although the answer to that latter puzzle, by all accounts, will probably be Matt Thornton.