Guillen takes in DePaul-Marquette hoops

Guillen takes in DePaul-Marquette hoops
February 7, 2012, 4:20 am
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Ozzie Guillen's serious about spending time in Chicago during the offseason. Eschewing the warm, comfortable conditions of Miami and Venezuela, the former White Sox manager made his way out to Rosemont on Monday to take in DePaul's 13-point loss to No. 19 Marquette at Allstate Arena.

Comcast SportsNet caught up with Guillen, who discussed what'll be different for him when spring training rolls around in a few weeks, along with twitter and how he'll try to avoid Chicago media when the Marlins roll into town to play the Cubs July 17-19.

Check out Ozzie's full comments below:

For the record, if Ozzie really is done talking to Chicago media (unlikely), I'm pretty sure I'd welcome that. Would you? Are you sick of Ozzie, or would you welcome continued coverage of his antics in Miami?