Moving on from Juan Pierre

Moving on from Juan Pierre
April 11, 2012, 10:22 pm
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When Alejandro De Aza opened Monday's win over Cleveland with a solo home run, it represented the first leadoff home run hit by a White Sox player since October of 2009 -- the longest drought in the majors.

On Wednesday, with the Indians mounting a rally, De Aza took Dan Wheeler deep for a two-run homer, putting the Sox up 7-4 in the sixth. Through five games, De Aza has hit as many home runs as Pierre did in 158 games last year, and only one fewer than Pierre hit in the 318 games he spent with the Sox.

Everything isn't peachy with De Aza -- he had a bad series against Texas, committing two outs on the basepaths and biffing diving attempt at a fly ball. And he still has yet to take a walk this season, not ideal for a leadoff hitter.

But just the fact that the White Sox leadoff hitter has the capability of hitting home runs is something we haven't seen in years. Heck, when Scott Podsednik led off, he wasn't much of a home run threat. Same goes for, dare I say, Jerry Owens (although Roy Halladay may disagree).

There's just something refreshing about De Aza's power. Maybe it's because Pierre spent the last two years leading off for the Sox, when home runs were a shocking matter. But with De Aza, that doesn't appear to be the case.