Ozzie knew about Dunn in spring training

Ozzie knew about Dunn in spring training
February 10, 2012, 11:58 pm
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Reason No. 1 why spring training needs to start: Hopefully it'll get Ozzie Guillen out of the news in Chicago.

But for the next few weeks, Ozzie will continue to linger in headlines, for better or for worse. On Friday, the Waddle & Silvy Show reported that he and his coaching staff knew Adam Dunn had some major issues with his swing a few days into spring training.

"I looked at his swing and I told bench coach Joey Cora going home, 'We've got a big problem,' " Guillen said.

So that begs this question: Why, if Guillen realized Dunn was in for a rough year, did he send him to the plate 496 times, nearly qualifying him to have the worst offensive season of all time? Why didn't Guillen, as Robin Ventura put it, just point to the bench and sit Dunn down?

And, as I've seen some asking on twitter, why can't Guillen just go away and enjoy Miami?