Sox add some new food at U.S. Cellular Field


Sox add some new food at U.S. Cellular Field

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TribFoodNew ballpark food offered at White Sox home games includes Cevapcici, Buffalo Wings & Vienna Beef Hot Dogs w Pastrami Bacon
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wipes drool off keyboard

A hot dog with bacon? Obviously I'm going to try that. That sounds delicious. Bravo, White Sox.

Per Trib Food, the Sox will also debut an "Irish Nacho Helmet" which consists of french fries, cheese, sour cream, bacon and gives served in a green helmet as well as "Juicy Lucy" burgers, which are patties stuff with cheese and bacon. Sadly, I don't think they're named after former White Sox catcher Donny Lucy, seeing as he's in the avocado business right now.

You'll probably be able to wash any of these offerings down with a Big Hurt Beer, too, although I haven't seen an announcement saying Frank Thomas' brew will be sold at the park. Not that having to down any of these foods with a Bell's Oberon is a bad deal, of course.

Is it Opening Day yet?

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