TWTW: Harrelson, Kenny spar over new/old school

TWTW: Harrelson, Kenny spar over new/old school

April 25, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Hawk Harrelson, noted opponent of sabermetrics, appeared on MLB Network for a spirited debate with Brian Kenny on Wednesday. Kenny, a proponent of advanced baseball statistics, and Harrelson sparred for a few minutes over the value of bunts, pitcher wins, leadership and TWTW -- the will to win, as Harrelson put it.

For anyone who's watched a White Sox broadcast over the last decade, Harrelson's opinions on the stats popularized by Billy Beane in Moneyball -- the book and movie -- are well-known (words like "fraud" and "overrated" and "bull----" have been bandied about). Kenny took Harrelson to task earlier this month for his views on sabermetrics, nearly blowing a gasket during a segment on MLB Network.

Check out the video above. Whose side are you on?