Ventura still won't name a closer

Ventura still won't name a closer
April 6, 2012, 5:50 pm
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Robin Ventura hasn't named a closer, although that may just be a formality -- it looks like the White Sox manager will use multiple pitchers in the ninth inning based on matchups:

Given the Sox don't have anyone with extensive closer experience at the MLB level, this is a refreshing strategy. It'll allow Ventura to ease Addison Reed into save situations by using him in low or medium-leverage save spots (like a two or three-run lead). And it'll allow Ventura to pick and choose when to use Matt Thornton, hopefully in the highest-leverage situation (be it the seventh, eighth or ninth inning).

There are plenty of people who cringe at the idea of a "closer by committee," but that's not what Ventura's doing. Who pitches the ninth won't be random -- if the matchup dictates Reed, it'll be Reed. If the matchup dictates Thornton, it'll be Thornton. If Thorton pitched the eighth, and the matchup dictates a lefty, it'll be Hector Santiago.

And if one of them emerges as a dominant option, maybe they'll take hold of the ninth-inning reigns for good. But since nobody did that in spring training, Ventura's doing this the right way.