Vizquel makes the cut with Toronto


Vizquel makes the cut with Toronto

Omar Vizquel's playing skills may have significantly diminished as he's reached his mid-40's, but his knowledge of the game is something Toronto clearly wants to keep around. The Blue Jays did just that, optioning Vizquel's competition to Triple-A on Wednesday.

Following a miraculous 2010, Vizquel looked like a 44-year-old with the White Sox in 2011, posting just a .287 on-base percentage. But his defense took a more significant hit, as his range and arm strength just weren't good enough to warrant the kind of playing time he received.

While there may not be any direct causation, that Vizquel was on the White Sox roster during Alexei Ramirez's development from a decent shortstop to deserving Gold Glove winner shouldn't be overlooked. The year before that, Vizquel backed up Elvis Andrus -- who has similarly developed into a Gold Glove-caliber shortstop.

It'll be interesting to see how long Vizquel sticks with Toronto -- if the Blue Jays have any deserving prospect who should be pushing for a roster spot, Vizquel would probably be the first man to go. Still, it's nice to see him stick around, especially now that we can take a step back and appreciate him without scrutinizing his performance.

White Sox infielder Tyler Saladino sidelined by herniated disc

White Sox infielder Tyler Saladino sidelined by herniated disc

Tyler Saladino has reached the point where it’s significantly easier for him to find comfortable positions for his herniated disc.

The White Sox infielder joked on Friday that his dugout seat was cozy enough that he might just idle for a few days. But before he returned home earlier this week and received an epidural, the second-year player experienced several days of excruciating pain.

Saladino — who won’t play again this season — said he received the shot on Monday and it has helped immensely with a problem he has experienced occasionally this season, this instance being the most painful.

“It was kind of crippling for a little bit,” Saladino said. “Those first few days, I really was out of commission. I kind of was just trying to find a comfortable spot and stay there. Standing up, it would catch. It was pretty painful. That’s how I know it was a little bit more. That’s why I went and got that shot to try to let the medicine get there right away. It has been working and helping a lot.”

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Saladino’s stay in Chicago is open-ended until he feels good enough to fly back to San Diego for the offseason. He’s set for another doctor appointment soon and is optimistic based on this week’s improvement. Saladino, who is hitting .282/.315/.409 with eight home runs and 38 RBIs, hasn’t played since Sept. 21. He injured himself two days later in Cleveland before the Sept. 23 contest and hasn’t been right since.

The injury has provided a disappointing end to an enjoyable season in which Saladino showed improvement at the plate (his OPS is up 122 points from 2015).

“It was a lot of fun to be out there with the guys,” Saladino said. “The whole season was a roller coaster for everybody around here. The whole approach we’ve had all year of grinding every game was its own. They’re still doing a really good job right now. Kind of stinks to not, I don’t care, as long as I can play and even pinch run I would be stoked to be with the guys. But at this point, the back thing, you have to take care of it.”

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