Where will Dunn play this weekend?

Where will Dunn play this weekend?
May 13, 2012, 8:51 pm
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Ahhh, Interleague play.

When NL teams move to the AL, pitchers no longer have to hit. But when AL teams move to NL parks, they lose the designated hitter, making for some interesting lineups.

What are AL managers to do? Sit one of their best bats all series, or stick a guy out in the field at a position he has no business playing?

First-year White Sox manager Robin Ventura already has a solution when his team heads to the North Side this weekend for the first edition of the Crosstown Classic.

Adam Dunn will play left field.

Yep, seriously. He can't play first, since Paul Konerko will be there and he's just as vital to the White Sox lineup (or maybe more so) as Dunn is.

Dunn has some experience playing outfield. But, that "experience" has been an adventure, as Dunn was widely considered one of the worst defensive players in all of baseball when he played in the National League. He last played left field in 2009 with the Nationals.

Wrigley Field is no Fenway Park, so at least Dunn doesn't have to contend with the Green Monster. If he does, indeed, play left field as Ventura intimates, then Dunn also wouldn't have to deal with the sun as much, since right field typically gets hit harder in that area as the sun sets.

Either way, this should make for an interesting weekend.