White Sox sell experience over expectations

White Sox sell experience over expectations
February 3, 2012, 5:59 pm
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The Chicago White Sox will always remember the "Grinder Rules" which were established the year they won the World Series in 2005. "The Kids Can Play" wasn't horrible but last year's slogan kind of backfired when "All In" became "All Out" or "All Dun In."

This season the Sox are going to keep it safe. Free of high expectations and guarantees that the team will go above and beyond their performance from last season. Because well, you just never know.

This year fans will "Appreciate the Game."

"It's more of a Robin Ventura philosophy of how he approaches the game," White Sox vice president of marketing Brooks Boyer told the Chicago Tribune. "Play hard and smart and appreciate the opportunity to play in the big leagues for the Chicago White Sox.

"... Winning is the most important thing, but hopefully people will say when they leave the ballpark, 'Wow, that was a lot of fun.'"

The Sox are basically trying to sell the experience instead of the expectations because frankly, expectations aren't so high and they usually end up kicking themselves.

"Last year, if we had won 95 games, yeah 'All In' (would have worked)," Boyer told the Tribune. "Sometimes you swing and miss."

Will this be another swing and miss scenario? What would your slogan be for the 2012 season?