White Sox still listening to offers on Floyd


White Sox still listening to offers on Floyd

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Jon MorosiGavin Floyd's price tag remains high, sources say. WhiteSox and BlueJays have discussed him off and on.
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As things stand, the market worked against the White Sox in trying to deal Gavin Floyd and previously John Danks thanks to Oakland flooding the market with inexpensive young pitching. Teams in the market for a non-free agent starter could look to the Athletics -- or Padres and Mariners, in the case of Mat Latos and Michael Pineda -- to fill that need.

But with pitchers like Edwin Jackson and Roy Oswalt still on the market, the pendulum may shift back to free agency for teams looking to add an arm. It's mainly Jackson that should work against a Floyd trade, though.

Consider this: Jackson is about seven months younger than Floyd and has shown some real improvement in the last year and a half, while Floyd has hit his ceiling (that ceiling is still good, mind you). Floyd, if his 2013 option is picked up, will make 16.5 million over the next two seasons.

Even this late in the free agent cycle, Jackson should command more than an average of 8.25 million over a two-year deal (maybe two years, 22 million?). But what incentive would a team have to meet the high demands of the White Sox when they can just spend around 6 million more to sign Jackson without surrendering a surplus-value giving prospect?

If Toronto -- or any other team -- is set on adding someone to their starting rotation, it should be Jackson, not Floyd.

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