Cavs Kyrie Irving showing off cool dance moves

Cavs Kyrie Irving showing off cool dance moves
September 25, 2013, 4:30 pm
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Kristen Harper

The up-and-coming Cleveland Cavaliers won’t be taking the court against the Chicago Bulls until November 11, but it is safe to say they are probably preparing for the return of former league MVP Derrick Rose – following suit with other teams around the league. And guard Kyrie Irving – after being sidelined for a string of games due to injury last season – is surely more than eager to go head-to-head against the now rehabbed Rose.

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But in a recent visit to South Africa with UNICEF to shed light on growing poverty, the NBA All-Star showcased another skill during a classroom visit – dancing, which happens to be very popular amongst the natives.  

However being the competitor fans have grown to love, he “called out” one of the kids to join him in a friendly dance battle.

It looks like the kid might have outshined this superstar. What do you think?