Rodman visits Vatican City to see pope elected

Rodman visits Vatican City to see pope elected
March 13, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Mark Strotman

There's a new pope in the Vatican City, but he isn't the only polarizing figure in Rome this week.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected Pope Francis today, and the familiar face in the crowd in St. Peter's Square was none other than former Bulls forward Dennis Rodman.

Rodman, who last month took a trip to North Korea to "vacation" with Kim Jong Un, is actually on business this time around, telling reporters he was there to "spread the gospel of pope betting."

In particular, betting that takes place on Paddy Power, an Irish betting firm that put $1 million down that the Cardinals would select a black pope.

“I just like to go around — I just love people and right now, as an older man, I’m understanding how life works,” he said. “A lot of things right now are really changing around the world and each day that I go by, I see a lot of difficult things that are really not right — so now that I have a little bit of power, I need to go around and at least talk about it.”

No word on where the five-time NBA champion may be headed next, but he's sure to make headlines soon enough.