Uni Watch: Bulls jerseys crack NBA's top 10

Uni Watch: Bulls jerseys crack NBA's top 10
August 27, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Mark Strotman

Back when Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were taking the NBA by storm, the Bulls wore some of the classiest, most basic jerseys in the entire NBA. Over time the players have come and gone, but the bright red and, on occasion black, have stayed, and it remains one of the best uniforms in the NBA.

And according to Paul Lukas of ESPN's Uni Watch, the red, white and black jerseys Derrick Rose and co. will don this year crack are good enough to crack the top 10 best in the NBA.

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Lukas had the arduous task of ranking the best jerseys in the four major sports, beginning with No. 1 (St. Louis Cardinals) and ending with No. 122 (Jacksonville Jaguars). There's no way to do this list and keep everyone happy, but for the most part his justifications made sense and were, at the very least, able to be debated.

For the Bulls, which ranked No. 44 in all the major sports (somehow up 23 spots from a year ago), Lukas said: "The Bulls have been using black lettering and numbering on their road jersey for 40 years now. Prior to that, though, they used white type with black outlining. Wouldn't mind seeing them go back to that style. And of course they should scrap the black alternate uni."

Here's how Lukas ranks the top 10 in the NBA:

1. Boston Celtics
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. San Antonio Spurs
4. Utah Jazz
5. Golden State Warriors
6. Miami Heat
7. Washington Wizards
8. Oklahoma City Thunder
9. Portland Trail Blazers
10. Chicago Bulls

Chicago teams, which have kept traditional uniforms without additional bells and whistles over the years, all ranked inside the top 50:

2. Chicago Bears
5. Chicago Cubs
36. Chicago Blackhawks
44. Chicago Bulls
45. Chicago White Sox

 Here's a look at some of the Bulls jerseys over the years:

Norm Van Lier wearing the first Bulls jerseys, with bigger numbers off to the right side:

Artis Gilmore shoots over Kareem Abdul-Jabaar in his red script jersey:

Michael Jordan dribbles through traffic in the Bulls' newest red road jerseys:

The Bulls' alternate black jerseys with red pinstripes were a hit in the 90s:

Luol Deng sporting the Bulls' current white home jerseys:

Derrick Rose wearing the Bulls' updated black alternates without pinstripes:

Throughout the week, CSNChicago.com will be taking a look at where each local team ranks. Here's a look at the schedule:

Chicago Bears - Monday, Aug. 26

Chicago Bulls - Tuesday, Aug. 27

Chicago Blackhawks - Wednesday, Aug. 28

Chicago Cubs - Thursday, Aug. 29

Chicago White Sox - Friday, Aug. 30

Do you agree with Uni Watch's assessment? Would you rate the Bulls at No. 44? If not, where would you rank them? Let us know in the comment section below.