Who are the 10 greatest athletes in Chicago history?

Who are the 10 greatest athletes in Chicago history?
July 25, 2013, 10:00 pm
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CSN Staff

If you're making a list of the 10 greatest athletes in the history of Chicago sports, who makes the cut?

Yahoo contributor Brian Davis took that undertaking as part of a series for the network. Here's his list, in alphabetical order:

Ernie Banks
Dick Butkus
Mike Ditka
Bobby Hull
Michael Jordan
Stan Mikita
Walter Payton
Ron Santo
Sammy Sosa
Frank Thomas

Head over to Yahoo to see his explanations.

Including Sosa on there obviously ruffled some feathers, given his ignominious exit from the city and tainted legacy due to his steroid connection.

The name, though, that may jump out the most here is Ditka. It's a list of athletes -- not coaches -- and Ditka didn't spend much time in a Bears uniform.

If you had to narrow a pool of players down to 10, though, there are a few locks: Jordan, Payton, Banks and Thomas are all the best players in the respective histories of their franchises (although we're sure some will disagree with that). Hull and Mikita are legends who deserve a spot. The same goes for Butkus.

So that leaves three open spots up for debate. Yahoo went with Santo, Sosa and Dikta. Consider a rough draft of the pool available for those spots, including those three:

-Ryne Sandberg

-Billy Williams

-Scottie Pippen

-Tony Esposito

-Jonathan Toews

-Luke Appling

-Gale Sayers

-Mike Singletary

-Brian Urlacher

And where's the cutoff here? If Ditka made the list, why didn't Shoeless Joe Jackson, Red Grange or Greg Maddux? Does Toews, a current player but a two-time Stanley Cup winner, deserve a spot?

Drop us a line in the comments with your thoughts.