Brandon Marshall wants everybody to shut up about Derrick Rose recruiting

Brandon Marshall wants everybody to shut up about Derrick Rose recruiting
July 7, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Tony Andracki

While we wait for word on Carmelo Anthony's situation, there are some basketball fans out there still getting on Derrick Rose for his unwillingness to recruit.

Rose has come out and said he does not want to recruit free agent stars to come to the Bulls, catching flak on social media and talk radio in the process.

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During his interview on the "Kap and Haugh Show" on 87.7 The Game, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall was asked if he thinks Rose should be recruiting. After all, Jay Cutler did a little recruiting on Twitter to help get the Pro Bowl wide receiver excited about Chicago.

After first asking "what does his contract say?" and David Kaplan following up by confirming Rose is a player, Marshall really let loose.

"Everybody needs to shut up about that. It's not his personality," Marshall said. "Everyone knows D-Rose. Everyone knows D-Rose as a humble, quiet kid. He's not going to do anything that is beside himself. He's not going on Twitter - he's not on Twitter, period - so why would he go on Twitter and do that? Why would he go on any social network? Why would he go on ESPN or Fox Sports?

"That's not his thing. I'm sure he's had conversations quietly and he was there, but anything outside of that is not D-Rose. People need to sit back and accept people for who they are. I'm sure he's doing what he can, but as far as him stepping outside himself, it wouldn't be organic. It wouldn't be real."

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What about if this was the Bears? Would Marshall recruit guys to come to Chicago?

Check out his hilarious answer in the video above.