Bulls debate short-sleeve Christmas jerseys

Bulls debate short-sleeve Christmas jerseys
December 25, 2013, 4:30 pm
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NEW YORK— “It was a little weird,” Mike Dunleavy Jr. told CSNChicago.com.

“Overall, it didn’t really feel like it should be on the basketball court. More like on the beach in the California, boogie-boarding or something,” he went on to say. “Yeah, it was just bizarre.

“The tightness of them were a little weird.”

Dunleavy was talking about the Bulls’ short-sleeved NBA Christmas Day jerseys, which they wore during Wednesday’s 95-78 win at the Barclays Center. But although Dunleavy, a renowned outside marksman, didn’t care for the uniforms, which somewhat resembled pajama tops, his teammates were mostly positive about them.

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“They’re all right. It’s a little different. Kind of the biggest deal was made of it in the locker room before. Once we went out there, it wasn’t much thought of it in my mind,” Kirk Hinrich said. “You’re used to shooting with sleeves. They’re a little bit tighter than normally you’d shoot with, but I didn’t have any issues shooting with it.”

D.J. Augustin was more effusive: “I loved them. It felt like playing in the park with a T-shirt on, so I loved them.”

Veteran center Nazr Mohammed had a similar perspective to Hinrich.

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“It was all right. Everybody wears sleeves all summer. It doesn’t matter,” he said. “Ask guys what they work out in. I can’t remember a guy working out in a jersey in the summer. Everybody I know works out in a T-shirt, so if a guy’s complaining about it, it’s kind of strange to me because I’m pretty sure they shoot pretty well in the summer working out in a T-shirt.”

In the end, even Dunleavy had to admit that for the Bulls, they worked out.

“You know what? We won. Give me that and I’ll wear them 82 games,” he joked. “I had a couple shots in the first half that ended up short. I had to kind of push through the sleeves there.”