Do the Bulls have room for Jimmer Fredette in their rotation?

Do the Bulls have room for Jimmer Fredette in their rotation?
March 5, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Chris Vannini

Jimmer Fredette has played in two games since joining the Bulls, scoring two points in three minutes in each game.

Fredette is known for his shooting ability, but, at this point in the season with rotations mostly set, how much of a factor can he really be going forward? Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau says you can never know what will happen.

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“What you don’t know is you can’t predict foul trouble and can’t predict injury,” he said. “When you come in at this stage of the season, it’s really where are you in terms of your schedule? Who do you have playing? Where is your rotation? How is your team playing? What are your needs? You’re always looking at those things.

“The challenge is how quickly can we get him up to speed where he can function with the group? You just take it step by step. You can’t skip ahead. You can’t look behind. Each day, put everything you have into it. We’re not going to be afraid to throw him out there. If we need him, if someone’s in foul trouble, if there’s an injury or something like that, he’ll be in there. We’ve got a lot of confidence in him.”