Fantasy Basketball: Chicago native Anthony Davis cracks Top 10

Fantasy Basketball: Chicago native Anthony Davis cracks Top 10
October 28, 2013, 10:15 am
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CSN Staff

Former Kentucky star and current New Orleans Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis is quickly becoming a household name. Davis, a Chicago native, has made the Top 10 of Aaron Bruski's Top 150 fantasy basketball player list on 

Check out Bruski's Top 10 below and then head to for the entire "Bruski 150" so you can dominate in your last-minute fantasy draft.

1. Kevin Durant – (ADP: 1, 9-cat: 1) - Not since ‘less filling’ and ‘tastes great’ has there been such an important debate. LeBron vs. Durant went largely down the middle over the past few years, but the torch has officially been passed to KD now that the aging Heat have all but booked vacation plans for April. LeBron says he’s focusing on free throws, his Achilles’ heel in this clash of the titans, but even if he does get on the right track he isn’t going to be relied upon like Durant will be in OKC.

2. LeBron James – (ADP: 2, 9-cat: 2) - As alluded to, in past years it was theoretically better to get the No. 2 pick in a snake draft (and a higher second round pick) because James and Durant were so closely matched. For planning purposes, owners should know that Durant holds a notable edge over LeBron compared to prior seasons.

3. James Harden – (ADP: 4, 9-cat: 5) - I’ve backed off a bit on Chris Paul’s minute outlook – nominally would be the right word – and the value lead Paul had over Harden in the early Draft Guide release of the 150 been has whittled down to practically nothing. As I said then, I’m willing to tap Harden here for his durability and probable advantage late in the year. Harden's projected 3.6 turnovers per game is enough to put him behind Paul and Stephen Curry in 9-cat.

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4. Chris Paul – (ADP: 4, 9-cat: 3) - It’s becoming clear that Doc Rivers wants Paul to assert himself, which may have been the impetus for his 40-point outing the other day, and seeing just a hint of that causes me to wonder if we’re getting ready for a throwback season from CP3. That wonder is enough for me to move him ahead of Curry, who has a famous ankle lingering in the back of our minds. Again, I won’t argue with anybody switching the order of picks 3-5. In 9-cat, Paul is a cut above the James Harden and Steph Curry so he gets the nod at No. 3.

5. Stephen Curry - (ADP: 5, 9-cat: 4) - There are few players in the league as entertaining to watch as Curry, whose assortment of stops and starts, smooth dribbling and in-the-gym range make for an explosive fantasy package. He's the last player on this list with the 'stat set' to have even an outside shot of threatening the top-2, but then again nobody in the sub-elite tier truly has a shot at LeBrant.

6. Serge Ibaka - (ADP: 15, 9-cat: 6) - Let's get weird right off the bat and bring into the fold a guy that inexplicably dropped to 23 in our 30 DEEP draft, aso needless to say it won't be surprising to hear some of your report that you stole Ibaka in Round 2. With the ability to go way over three blocks per game, it's actually his offensive contributions that will steal the show this year as Scott Brooks will finally get the memo about Ibaka's feathery jump shot. Don't be worried about Brooks screwing this up -- the Thunder will be without Russell Westbrook and the departures of Harden and Kevin Martin will force his hand. A high percentage shot maker and plus rebounder, the days of being a one trick pony are over. In 9-cat, Ibaka has serious juice with a low 2.0 turnovers per game projection, which puts him in the discussion with the sub-elite guys but as a yet-to-be established player at that level he needs to prove himself to get into that club.

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7. Anthony Davis - (ADP: 20, 9-cat: 7) - Want to hear the scary part? I have him this high and projected for just 34.5 minutes per game, as Monty Williams is a bit of a card when it comes to putting his best players on the floor. That of course is a reference to not using Davis (enought) alongside Ryan Anderson, who was inexplicably signed to a big money deal two summers ago to force a timeshare last season. Aside from the Brow's ability to change the complexion of a game, Williams is going to have a hard time not playing these guys together with just injury prone Jason Smith and foul prone Greg Stiemsma as depth in the frontcourt. Davis is already showing off an ever-improving offensive game during exhibition season, and we know what he's capable of in the dirty work categories. Paul George is right on his heels in terms of projected value, but unlike Davis I have George maxed out in terms of usage and expected improvements. For Davis, anything he can do on top of 34.5 mpg is all gravy.

8. Paul George - (ADP: 12, 9-cat: 11) - Some might find this rank disappointing for George, but it's worth pointing out how much he's going to be asked to do lately. Until he gets helps in the shot creator and lockdown defender departments, expect categories such as his defensive numbers to remain near their current plateau. To that end, Danny Granger isn't going to carry any gravity in the Pacers offense and as alluded to the rest of the team struggles to get their own shot. George's expected increase in field goal attempts is going to make him a high volume, low percentage shooter and that's just about the only thing for owners to complain about. A projected 2.9 turnovers per game is a drag to his 9-cat value.

9. Kevin Love - (ADP: 6, 9-cat: 8) - Love kicks off the next tier of players and he also presents owners with the safest upside play at this stage of the draft. That said, I have Love maxed in plenty of projections with numbers of 26 points, 1.9 threes, and 13.1 rebounds to go with a 44.6 percent mark from the line. If you're looking to spend big in an auction draft, with all due respect to Love and what he brings to the table, I'd stick with the aforementioned eight. Being so tightly bunched with the guys you see directly below, I'm sure some of you have thought about taking Kyrie instead, and for me it came down to Irving's injury history being more sordid than Love's.

10. Kawhi Leonard - (ADP: 39, 9-cat: 10) - Now for my next departure from what you're likely seeing elsewhere, Leonard could very well be a season-long project for the Spurs this year, and not in the way that the word 'project' usually entails. Gregg Popovich has been laying down heavy pressure on Leonard to shoot the ball more, and though Leonard is not a shy player, when playing with three future Hall of Famers it's usually wise to defer. Not anymore. The old guys know that they're not getting any more competitive than they were last season, and they need the uber-talented and supremely athletic Leonard to be a difference-maker in the playoffs. In what could be an 82-game exercise in making him the team's No. 2 scoring option, the mpg and usage jump has skyrocketed Leonard to the first round in my list and he can currently be found available in the second and third rounds.

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