Is Joakim Noah the face of Chicago?

Is Joakim Noah the face of Chicago?
January 31, 2014, 9:30 pm
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CSN Staff

Where does Joakim Noah rank among the most beloved Bulls of all time?

David Kaplan posed this question to the SportsTalk Live panel Friday, and the answer was simple: No. 1, at least right now.

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Nobody's saying Noah will go down as more of a fan favorite than Michael Jordan in Bulls history, but Noah's never-say-die attitude is refreshing for Bulls fans who don't want to see their team tank.

Longtime beat writer Sam Smith agreed Noah is among the most beloved Bulls ever.

"He emodies -- whether it's true or not -- what Chicago likes to think of itself: hard-working, blue collar, sort of rising above your talent," Smith said. "To come to this level and be embraced like this and to be picked by the coaches twice as an All-Star...he's really become a truly endearing figure."

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Check out Smith's comments above and the entire SportsTalk live debate is below: