Joakim Noah thinks NBA All-Star weekend is going to be 'weird, awkward and fun'

Joakim Noah thinks NBA All-Star weekend is going to be 'weird, awkward and fun'
February 14, 2014, 12:30 pm
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Tony Andracki

Joakim Noah is nothing if not different.

From his style to his hair to his larger-than-life personality, Noah has become one of the most entertaining figures in professional basketball.

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So it's no surprise he continued to spark intrigue when Chicago reporters asked him about the NBA All-Star weekend.

"It's going to be weird, awkward and fun all at the same time," Noah said.

Awkward? Weird?

Noah, who experienced his first All-Star showcase last season, elaborated on his mysterious answer.

"Just the locker rooms. It's not my favorite part," Noah said. "But at the end of the day, it's an unbelievable honor to be part of that.

"I just try not to take any of this for granted, even those awkward moments. I'll remember those."

Noah has had a lot to remember lately with the way the Bulls have played, putting together a 15-7 run heading into the All-Star break. Fresh off a big win over the Nets Thursday night, the Bulls currently hold the No. 4 seed in the East, one game behind the Toronto Raptors.

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Noah, a self-proclaimed "live-in-the-moment type of guy," said he's not going to worry about the second half of the Bulls' season yet, but rather focus on enjoying all the "weird" and "awkward" fun of the weekend festivities.