Magic Johnson on Clippers' Sterling: 'No room for racism'

Magic Johnson on Clippers' Sterling: 'No room for racism'
April 28, 2014, 9:15 pm
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CSN Staff

The one man Clippers owner Donald Sterling targeted in the leaked audio recording received by TMZ came forth to the media to discuss his feelings about Sterling's comments.

On Monday night, NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson was met by reporters in Gary, Indiana where Johnson was at an event raising money for Gary Community School Corp. students. The former Lakers point guard had strong words about Sterling's remarks, including how he felt hurt, disappointed and outraged.

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"There's no room for racism and discrimination," Johnson said. "Unfortunately, he's a man in a powerful position, a man who should be embracing minorities and not discriminating against them. It has not room in our society for it or in sports.

"It was a sad day for all owners, for every sports team, especially in the NBA. Hopefully our commissioner (Adam) Silver will act quickly and resolve this situation because he has everybody in an uproar. Every race of people is in an uproar."

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In the conversation that was allegedly between Sterling and his ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano, the Clippers owner said to not bring Johnson to any Clippers games or promote photos of Stiviano and Johnson on social media platforms. Johnson held strong to his belief that Sterling should be removed from his position with the franchise immediately.

"He has to lose the team hopefully," Johnson said. "The commissioner and his partners have to decide his fate." 

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Later in the interview, Johnson denied earlier reports about his interest to buy the NBA franchise if it ever became available.

"The team is owned by a man already," he said.

In the first game following Sterling's comments, the Clippers wore their warm-up shirts inside out and left their jackets at center court. While Golden State Warriors coach Marc Jackson has called for fans to protest Game 5 at the Staples Center, Johnson believes now is not the time to boycott. 

"They have to play in the playoffs," Johnson said. "If they boycott now, that's the wrong thing because you still can achieve what you want. If nothing happens, then you can boycott in the offseason and not just the Clippers, but the whole league has to. If he's not going out, then you got to do something."