Mohammed weighs in on Jordan debate, bond with Rose

Mohammed weighs in on Jordan debate, bond with Rose
October 4, 2013, 1:30 pm
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Bulls backup center Nazr Mohammed grew up in Chicago during the era of Michael Jordan’s dominance, but when asked about Jordan’s comments that in his prime, he could have beat reigning league MVP LeBron James in a game of one-on-one, he deferred, claiming it wasn’t a topic discussed by the current team.

“Sorry, we didn’t talk about that. I read it and I just kept going. I think it’s just too hard to compare guys from different eras because when I got into the league, Michael was pretty much dominating. It was a much more physical era. I was told when somebody comes through the lane, just hit him. You could hit him and nobody called a foul,” he explained. “One-on-one? The only way to settle that is they’re [Jordan and LeBron James] both great offensive players—who’s the better defender? They would be equals offensively. The guy who’s a better defender is going to win in a one-on-one game.”

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The Kenwood Academy graduate also gave his take on Rose’s status and the connection between the two Chicago Public League products.

“Yes, he is. He’s an amazing guy. I was just talking to him a second ago and just his tenacity and his fearlessness going to the hole, he’s attacking like he did before. I never saw him practice before—in previous years, when he was completely healthy—but I can’t picture him being much better than what he’s doing now, so I’m excited,” Mohammed said. “We grew up watching the Bulls, we’re Chicago guys, both of us are South Siders. It’s that special place the city has for us and they make sure there’s a lot of love when we’re out and about, too.”