Photographer travels the country to find historic hoops

Photographer travels the country to find historic hoops
December 16, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Everyone remembers his or her first basketball hoop. Whether it was in a gymnasium, attached to the house, cemented into the driveway or over at a friend's place, we remember some of our earliest memories by the basketball hoops we shot on, missed on and lowered, if able, to fulfill our wildest dreams of dunking like our heroes.

And in Robin Layton's new book, hoop: the american dream, she travels the country in search of the most significant and scenic basketball hoops. From Larry Bird's weathered backboard missing the rim in French Lick, Ind., to a glass backboard and hoop underneath a San Francisco highway, Layton finds the beauty of sports' simplest goal and brings it to life.

In her book she has a photograph of the basketball hoop Michael Jordan shot on at the Boys & Girls Club of Wilmington, North Carolina (far left column, fourth from the bottom)

Layton shared some of her photos with Deadspin and gave commentary on some of her favorites. Take a look for yourself at some of her photographs on the official website, and read more about her project on her official website.

She traveled to 35 different states and shot more than 100,000 photographs during a nine-month span. She also received commentary from some of basketball's best to ever play or coach the game, including LeBron James, Oscar Robertson, Pat Summit, Lisa Leslie and more.

So we want to know: Do you remember your first hoop? Which was your most memorable?